SAC OfficersSheriff Steve Bernal
Chairman of the Board
Sam McLeod
President of the Board
Don Ratcliff
Vice President
Francis Ingraham
Theodore Balestreri II
Robert E. Sageman
Director Emeritus
Danny LeVett
Director Emeritus
Mickey Taylor
Director Emeritus
SAC Board MembersAshley Beleny Jack Galante Sam McLeod Norbert Relecker
Unit CommandersJohn Lotz, Sheriff's Aero Squadron Knute Brekke, Mounted Unit Steve Hershey, SAR James Huggins, Posse Paul Tran, SEAT

Monterey County Sheriff's Advisory Council

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Advisory Council (SAC) is a non-profit, 501c3 public benefit organization providing funding for the Office of the Sheriff. 

Since 1984, the Sheriff’s Advisory Council has provided over $650,000 worth of equipment and training for the Sheriff’s Office that Monterey County is unable to supply due to a lack of funding.  These monies have helped make Monterey County a safer place to live and have enabled law enforcement agencies to perform at a higher level.

There are approximately 150 members of the Sheriff’s Advisory Council, and we are always looking to expand our reach through public involvement.

The Monterey County Sheriff’s Advisory Council works to support the following law enforcement agencies: